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Hello and here’s the why, what and who of this blog.

It will help you if you’re any type of writer, but especially if you self-publish and do not consider yourself particularly techie – but want your blog or site to do your writing proud.

It combines a blog for writers with a blog for a WordPress Users group (which I ran for several years) and it comes about because I ran out of time to do both…

It’s hosted by me, Philippa Davies, web editor and author of non-fiction, fiction, tv, radio and app scripts and lover of WordPress as a means of spreading ideas through words, and writing as an act of community…

Possibly old hippie? Yes.

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Here Are Beliefs!

Three beliefs fuel this mission:

    Many of us are more creative than we value – but we may not be great at selling this creativity
    Our urge to create is mixed in with our desire to share and trade, sociably
    Many of us want to succeed at business


    live as decent and ethical human beings

(*descends from soap box*)

PS. You can catch me at night, running WordPress Users Wales and Writers Of Wales

Seriously, who needs sleep when you’ve got the internet?