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Celebration and Corporate Cakes

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Sugar Coated Love

Being deprived of both sugar and love, my mother, a child during the 2nd world war, made sure that everyone in her life was never going to be deprived of either. For as long as I can remember cake was always a big part of my life; it represented love and the sharing of love. My mum baked for every special occasion for friends and family and to earn a little extra income. She baked cakes to raise money for charities and appeals the world over from starving children to homeless people. It was her way of giving love.

Setting up a business baking celebration and corporate cakes to follow in mum’s footsteps was a natural progression for me. I started out making cakes for friends and family, however it wasn’t long before I had requests for weddings and other celebration cakes from friends of friends.

When baking cakes I feel mum is still with me and just like mum, every cake I make is made with love. Nothing is more rewarding than experiencing the delight on a customer’s face at the big reveal or hearing feedback on how delicious it was. No matter what the occasion or event I have the cake that will make it memorable.

There are many flavours available to try: Chocolate, vanilla, lemon and carrot are the favourites; however, this year elderflower has also been a popular choice.

For all my ingredients, I try wherever I can to buy British or at least from local independent suppliers. I look for ingredients that are environmentally friendly or have a low carbon footprint too. For example I always buy Silver Spoon icing sugar from Arbour Farm my friendly local farm shop This is because the farm shop is has excellent customer service, a wide range of produce and they source most of their produce from their own farm and local farmers. I find that Silver Spoon produce the finest and highest quality icing sugar; they are a British company who are helping to protect bees and insects, work hard to improve its growers soil quality and they have signed up to the FareShare scheme.

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