Nina Lorraine Allanson

Motivational speaker available for events, conferences & in house training

Motivational speaker available for events, conferences & in house training Photo

I give motivational talks which are aimed at giving people the skills to be able to speak in public, overcome bullying and build courage and to believe in themselves. You, are your best asset and it is only you that is holding you back!

I grew up on an isolated farm in North Yorkshire and spent many years working in the farming and tourism industries. At 4 years old I was lambing sheep like a vet!

In 2014 I stuck my head above the parapet and stood up in favour of a controversial project. I could see the economic benefits that this particular project may offer our rural community where many people live in poverty. I was totally unprepared for the intense very personal campaign against myself and my tourism business by national and local activists just because I was being positive about the project.

I took on the protest groups, environmental NGOs and politically motivated activists, exposing their scaremongering propaganda & hypocrisy after their intimidation tried to silence not only myself but also my community from having a voice.

I have had an incredible journey from living a quiet life to being interviewed by local and national media, giving presentations at national and international conferences & events. In 2018  I was  asked to take a seat on the committee of the Multi Stakeholder Group relating to the UK Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative based in the department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy in London.

Rural communities have few opportunities to develop new industries and are often seen as affluent. The idyllic images often hide rural deprivation and youngsters inevitably move out to find higher salaries or remain and endure mainly part time, seasonal employment paying only the basic wage. I champion rural business development and how we should welcome a diverse range of businesses in our countryside. I believe that we should produce our own local products over and above imports, especially as we are trying to reduce our carbon emissions. I enjoy giving people the courage to stand up, speak out and be strong!