Nicola Price

For Everything Stove, Flue, Fireplace & Chimney related!

For Everything Stove, Flue, Fireplace & Chimney related! Photo

Green Man Stoves, warming your hearth and soul from our showroom in Weston-under-Penyard, Ross-on-Wye.

For everything stove, flue, chimney and fireplace related.

Do you long for the warmth of a fire to curl up next to? But don’t long for the risk, or danger or figuring out the new regulations?

For 14 years families have trusted Green Man Stoves to line their chimney and install a modern or classic solid fuel or woodburning stove.

We are registered with HETAS, so can legally certify your installation with Building Control.

We don’t use subbies, our installers are employed so we are fully accountable for everything we and they do.

With the EcoDesign label, you can rest assured that your new stove is compliant to the new Clean Air Directive legislation, has reduced emissions and will let you worry about which book to read with your hot chocolate, instead of whether your family is safe from fire and carbon monoxide, your installation is legal or when the flue needs cleaning!

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