Michelle Cooper

Health & Fitness Coach partnered with one of the worlds leading Health & Wellbeing Companies

Health & Fitness Coach partnered with one of the worlds leading Health & Wellbeing Companies Photo

My vision is to educate and empower willing people to live pure, unadulterated, total wellness and find harmony with life so they can move through time graciously.  To empower people with the knowledge to practice and improve their physical, financial and spiritual fitness and the resources to take action to own their life.

I do this by providing easy to follow, premium food & nutritional systems for those looking to maximise their health & move through time graciously. If you care about your health, lets find a system that will work for you.

After a couple of years as a manager for a UK Food Producer I appreciate the need for optimum nutrition to allow you to perform at your best physically & mentally throughout the day. Maintaining a good standard of health is so overlooked, instead we turn to drugs & medication to cure, rather than choosing the lifestyle that helps prevent the initial onset of disease.

Many people don’t realise that it is not normal to hit the snooze button each morning, to need coffee to get going, or to feel at 2:30/ 3pm like you would rather crawl back to bed than face the rest of the day.

Diabetes is the fastest growing health threat of our time. Since 1996, the number of people living with diabetes has more than doubled. More than 1 in 2 adults & 1 in 6 children are overweight or obese.
Our food system is nutritionally depleted & I unequivocally challenge anyone who says they can achieve their full daily micro-nutrient intake & maintain a healthy body without the use of quality supplementation.

I have a solution & am so passionate about being able to offer something that I know can suit anyone.

I’m part of a movement of people who are moving forward on a mission together to better this world. Not Accepting the 40-40-40 retirement plan. Why are we conditioned to believe it’s right to spend 40+ hrs a week at work, for 40+ years, to retire on <40% of the income you were struggling to live on in the first place?
Passionate about living & passionate about being fulfilled.
Getting paid to help other people better their lives & leaving a legacy.
Here is a massive community of people who are able to say you can be, do & have everything you have ever wanted. Who will hold you up, hold you accountable & see the greatness in you.

And, we’re recruiting.