Mary White

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Clinical Hypnotherapist Photo

I work closely with clients through a combination of hypnotherapy, counselling and psychotherapy to build a meaningful and interactive relationship and develop a tailored treatment especially to suit my clients’ needs.  Stress, anxiety and depression can become an overwhelming condition affecting individuals and manifest in habits, phobias and even physical disease.  Hypnotherapy is a wonderfully powerful healing tool through relaxation techniques that help
in the relief and treatment of these and many other conditions such as smoking, insomnia, weight gain and pain management. 

An area of particular interest to me is addiction, which has become an increasing problem for many people these days.  I am able to assist with effective hypnotherapy treatment, not only those individuals who are struggling with the level and impact of alcohol in their lives who wish to make constructive changes, but
also counselling family members who need help to understand what is happening within their home environment and manage the condition.