Maisy Owen

MO Management Consultancy Ltd

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Since starting my own business back in June 2015 most of my clients are owner managed or have less than 5 staff. As I work with the owners in a bespoke way, I get to not only know their business, but also them as people. This allows me to understand what their drivers are and what they actually want from their business in terms of self development and fulfilment, not only a salary.

I have been in Senior Management for over 15 years in my career, and the last 5 years working for a company as a Director.
Over the years I have picked up many skills in Customer Service, Team Leadership, Project Management, Budgeting, Overseas Development and Business Development all with the aim to create a stable and profitable business environment.
My people skills allows me to work with top line management and staff alike with all levels offering a contribution to the growth and development of any business.
Multi-tasking has been a speciality of mine over recent years which allowed me to not only work in the UK, running several teams, but in an overseas market that not only did I not speak the language but dealt with Government level officials to gain funding which aided in the growth of the company.
All this experience has allowed me to offer my experience and skills to small businesses and their owners in a cost effective and flexible way that does not affect the overhead by the burden of employment. I can offer my time in 2 hour slots once a week/month, half days or full days. This allows the owner to budget for me without it really affecting the cash flow. The use of Skype also allows me to offer my services across the UK so a face to face visit isn’t always necessary, keeping the costs to a minimum.
If you would like to learn more about what I may be able to offer your business please contact me for a free 1 hour no obligation consultation on 07471 479142 or email me on . Alternatively you can go to my website and read some of the testimonials from businesses I have worked with and contact me through the enquiry page there.