Lynne Cervi

Director at CLiKAPAD Limited

Director at CLiKAPAD Limited Photo

CLiKAPAD are producers of high quality audience participation systems and electronic voting software designed to help businesses, conferences and more to gather data quickly and efficiently. The handsets themselves are made to offer maximum versatility and portability so that they can be used in all kinds of situations. If you’re running an event that involves audience participation and need to collect votes and information, CLiKAPAD can help.

The electronic voting system works in tandem with specialist software that allows you to view and display the information you gather. Audiences can use a lightweight handheld keypad to cast their votes, allowing you to also gain a non-biased response thanks to the anonymity. These results can also be saved for further analysis after your event.

With many years of technical expertise, CLiKAPAD goes the extra mile for every client, working closely to provide support and technical advice. Whether you’re looking for audience response system hire or audience response systems for sale, CLiKAPAD can help. Visit the website today to find out more.