Lynn Gregory

Infinite Potential

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Lynn is the owner of Infinite Potential and is totally committed to helping individuals and organisations access their highest state of wellbeing. She is passionate about unleashing potential which is often locked away – buried under self doubt, lack of confidence, poor self esteem and, probably low energy and a feeling of overwhelm.

Having survived a near fatal car crash, an emergency caesarean  and an incurable illness – Lynn went searching for answers. She brings a unique wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise to her companies. Her sense of humour and  fun help facilitate that feeling of wellbeing, happiness and hope for everyone.
Lynn is a highly experienced trainer, presenter and educator who has worked with a range of individuals, groups and organisations in a variety of settings –  corporate, health and education. She meets people from all walks of life who  have shrunk their dreams to fit work, relationships, children and a myriad of  responsibilities. She is committed to and passionate about working with people to maximise their potential, boost their sense of wellbeing and maximise their healthy lifestyle.

Lynn expanded her business to include Forever Living products. Lynn is passionate about helping people develop healthy businesses. She believes that has to begin with the individual – if you’re not healthy then neither is your business. You  can also improve your life by creating an additional income stream becoming more financially secure. She says “As well as being happy and financially successful, you will be able to spend quality time with loved ones, enjoy fulfilling work, and feel good about who you are.  It’s what Infinite Potential is all about.”

More About Lynn
Lynn uses the principles of accelerated learning, kinesiology, educational kinesiology/ Brain Gym®, NLP, mind/body connection,  EFT,stress management,  leadership skills and many other disciplines to help everyone live the life they deserve. Her personal style is characterised by clarity and a sense of humour.

Lynn has facilitated workshops at Nottingham City hospital. North Yorkshire College of Health, MIND,  Pharmaceutical companies, schools nationwide and GP training in Cleveland. She has been Head of Special Needs Education and Pupil  support throughout the UK, worked for the Support and Advisory service in York and lectured at University York St. John. 

Lynn has had the privilege to train with Anthony Robbins – who is one of the world’s top peak-performance consultants. JohnThie – the founder of Touch For Health, Carla Hannaford –  the amazing author and educator, Paul Dennison the founder of Brain Gym®, Wayne Topping, Bruce Dewe and  Brendan O’hara – all authors and inspirational leaders and presenters of kinesiology and Sally Goddard – a leading expert in the field of neuro-physiological development.