Louisa Havers

” Nothing is more expensive than a missed opportunity.” H. Jackson Brown Jr.
I am a lifestyle and business coach. Previously with a successful career in the public sector. I loved what I did. However, eight years ago we started having pay freezes, and some of my colleagues were made redundant and I realised it might be my turn next. Suddenly being out of the house for the majority of the day and with my children growing up, it all seemed less appealing. Then a good friend recommended Arbonne, its products and its flexible and lucrative business opportunity. I hadn’t heard of network marketing before, but I was open minded to opportunities and additional income streams. I did my research into the company, its leadership and its ethics and plans for global expansion, and I realised what a simple and ethical business model it was.
I ran my Arbonne business alongside my career in the public sector for just over 3 years, until my income meant that I was able to leave my job.
I now have the flexibility to fit my business around my life and not my life around my business. I coach and mentor business owners to run a successful online business  and  I also coach and mentor professionals in the workplace.

Contact me for your free discovery coaching call or business opportunity discussion and would like to find out more.

Love your life, love your body, love your soul.