Loraine Makowski-Heaton

I am a Therapist helping people 'climb their mountains' working with Adults, Adolescents and Children

I am a Therapist helping people 'climb their mountains' working with Adults, Adolescents and Children Photo

Gracious Mountain Therapies offers personalised online and face to face sessions to help people achieve their goals and reach their true potential whether those goals are personal or professional. I work with people throughout the UK and beyond.

We all have our ‘mountains to climb’ whether that be stopping smoking, weight loss, anxiety, grief, or perhaps a fear or phobia that holds us back.  Maybe its a professional ‘mountain to climb’ with motivation, procrastination, performance, stress or even a fear of presentations or ‘impostor syndrome’.

I have helped many people ‘climb their mountain’ working with them to give them the tools to help them ‘reach the top’ and achieve their true potential by using therapy techniques that are tailored to them as an individual.  My aim is to give my clients tools that they can use throughout their lives to help them reach their goals and achieve the success that they are looking for whether personal or professional, whilst working in a relaxed, non judgemental, environment.

I offer all my potential clients a complimentary, no obligation, initial consultation where we can discuss your goals and requirements and whether the therapies I offer can help you achieve them.

I have worked both in the corporate and private sectors where I started my career teaching speech and drama and performing on stage, film and TV and then in the corporate world working both in sales and as a PA with HR responsibilities.  In the mid 90’s I trained in massage and aromatherapy as I had an interest in alternative medicine, after which I also took a counselling skills course to extend my knowledge and training.  Although I no longer use aromatherapy in my practice, the holistic training, looking at the body as a whole, mind, body and spirit has stayed with me.

After a move to a beautiful part of South Wales in 2002, I took a side step as a goat farmer which I thoroughly enjoyed and managed to achieve award winning cheeses and fudge, wrote a children’s story and also became Wales’ Women Farmer of the Year in 2010.  During my time in Wales I joined WIRE and help set up a network in Carmarthen and understand how important networking is in the rural community.

In 2014, after moving from Wales to Norfolk a year earlier, I decided to concentrate on the talking therapies.  I am a qualified Hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist, Registered BWRT (adv.) Practitioner,  and have been Assistant Tutor for EICH Norfolk  on their Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma course since 2019.   I am also a qualified hypnotherapy supervisor for other professional therapists. 

I bring my life experience, corporate, private and rural, to my practice which I believe gives me a very rounded look at the world in which we live and an empathy to the clients I work with whether adults, adolescents or children.  I understand the stresses and strains of life from the large corporate to the lone farmer, from the single parent to the juggling housewife.

Today I live in a small village in South Norfolk with my husband, two of my four children and my elderly parents and where I work from home.  I am an animal lover and also share our home with dogs, cats and, would you believe it, 5 elderly goats!  When I am not working and looking after the family, I can be found unwinding playing with textile fibres – spinning, weaving, crochet and macrame.