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Get a Life! isn’t your ordinary approach to coaching and therapy, far from it. Get a Life! is all about just that… getting a life! And not just any life either, we’re talking the most magnificent, fulfilling and meaningful life, the life your were born to live, your reason for you being here on this Earth – your Soul purpose!

So how can Get a Life! help you?
If you’re feeling stuck, at a crossroads, or maybe wondering ‘Is this all there is’? then you’re in the right place.

Maybe you’re looking for a new direction, or to have the courage to follow your heart and live your dreams and become the fullest possible version of yourself. 
Then Get a Life! can help.


Get the Edge is a pioneering training, coaching and staff development specialist, with a mission to give each of our clients the competitive edge they need  to succeed in business. With over 30 years of experience in the field, we are a trusted, results driven company, offering tailored training solutions that set us apart from the rest. We love seeing people realise their potential, we started the company from the passion we all have to see people do the best they can in life. We deliver our training  with an infectious energy and try to have a little fun along the way too.

Our outstanding levels of customer satisfaction and long-term contracts with industry leaders are great testament to our methods and a demonstration of why we know we can help any business, in any field, to flourish.

We believe that life is not a random collection of unrelated events and circumstances over which we have little or no control, it is constantly being shaped and moulded by what goes on in our minds. As with the laws of mathematics and physics the law of the mind should be considered an exact science, and by providing  a working knowledge of this law we can help individuals, teams and businesses think  positively and  start to believe in terms of what is truly possible.

We will help you discover why positive thinking is eminently practical and as you apply the principles embedded throughout our training you will begin to push back your inner boundaries, opening up your world and all that’s available to you.

Helping people to achieve their true potential