Lisa Satchwell



Is pain getting you down? Suffering with a sports or reoccurring injury? Stress, tired and anxious? Have poor posture? Regularly have headaches/migraines?


Well the good news is you don’t have to suffer or live with the pain any longer.

I am a Clinical Massage Therapist, specialising in addressing acute and chronic pain issues. My interest in massage originated in Australia, where I qualified and lived for 13 years. Since returning back home in 2011 I continued with my thirst for learning and gained a BTEC6 (degree level) in Advanced Clinical and Sports Massage with JING Institute of Advanced Massage Training in Brighton. This is the highest massage qualification you can get in the UK and I am only one of 50 people to have completed it, so you are in safe and well trained hands!

Clinical Massage Therapy specialises in addressing acute and chronic pain problems in the body. It works predominantly on releasing myofascial restrictions, triggers points and hence pain by combining different techniques, such as, direct and indirect myofascial release, trigger point therapy, orthopaedic assessment, deep tissue sports massage, stretching, rehabilitation, self help exercises and advice. Focus is on soft tissue conditions and injuries, such as frozen shoulder, lower back and neck pain, sciatica, plantar fasciitis, hamstring and groin strains, knee pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ, face and jaw pain.

As chronic pain (pain for 3 months or longer) is quite complex and which can also be exaggerated by our ever increasing busy and more and more demanding lifestyles I utilise a holistic approach. Care isn’t primarily focused on the site of pain, it looks at your whole lifestyle. Each treatment is tailored to the patient’s specific needs – listening, observation and touch techniques are combined to help relieve your pain, therefore giving you a better quality of life.

Research has found that massage is effective for providing relief from chronic low back pain, reduces the incidence of chronic tension headaches and can promote relaxation, alleviating the perception of pain.  Another benefit is that it may help you become more aware of your body and better familiarise yourself with the pain you experience, through the virtue of human touch. For example women pre and post surgery for mastectomies – massage helps them feel comfortable once again with their bodies, building their confidence and allowing them to deal better with the pain.

What my clients say about me ….

First treatment on a muscle in my hip that I strained running and I feel so much better today having endured a week and a day of varying levels of discomfort. Now I can walk upstairs without wincing and travelling at a snail’s pace too! Lisa gave me clear explanations of the problem and some exercises to do at home. I won’t hesitate to go straight back if the problem (or another one) occurs. Thanks Lisa. Elaine P, Burton

Have to say Lisa, since you saw me over a month ago with a very sore back due to being 30+weeks pregnant. I’ve had barely any pain since. Thank you so so so much. You’ve made this pregnancy enjoyable again. Thank you again from a very grateful customer. Lian W, Derby

You are fabulous – my shoulder pain has completely gone (touch wood), not even a twinge for 6 months since I came to see you whilst I was staying at Katy’s. HUGE HUGE THANK YOUS xx Gill Maheu 

Lisa provided me with a home massage service throughout 2010-2011 and also mixed liquid crystals to assist with stress management and PMT. Both of these treatments were really successful and helped me greatly. Lisa took the time upfront at her 1st visit to ask great questions and really understand my ‘whole of life’ and where she needed to focus. I would certainly recommend Lisa for her reliability, no nonsense approach, fabulous technique and wonderful sense of humour! Alison Monroe, Sydney Australia

Lisa I have always looked forward to my regular massage and the opportunity to take an hour to reflect and relax. The atmosphere you create and insights you share during these times make it a real experience not just a massage. I also appreciate your help with my recent shoulder injury and trusted you when you said the short term pain would pay off and it did! Victoria Park, Sydney Australia


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