Lisa Fisher

Colour Analyst & Personal Stylist

Colour Analyst & Personal Stylist Photo

Hi my name is Lisa Fisher and I am your Professional Colour and Personal Stylist, my studio is in Ledbury. I started my colour and style journey with House of Colour as a client over 10 years ago, and can honestly say that the experience has transformed my life and my wardrobe forever! I am passionate about bringing Colour and Personal Style to everyone.

Would you like to:

  • Save money on creating a wardrobe where all items co-ordinate, including accessories?
  • Stop making those expensive mistakes, no longer buying clothes which don’t suit you and you never wear?
  • Have a wardrobe where every item makes you look and feel great?
  • Learn the reasons why some outfits make you feel special?
  • Feel more confident, knowing you look fabulous every day?

My story:

I have always loved clothes and had accumulated an enormous collection of ‘expensive mistakes’ and sale bargains and yet often felt I had nothing to wear. My wardrobe has now reduced dramatically and I have built a collection of clothes and accessories which coordinate and are suitable and appropriate for every occasion. This has proved to be a huge relief to me and saved me time, money and frustration.

I began my journey with House of Colour in 2007 and have loved my personal transformation. I went to my Colour Class after giving up full time teaching to be a ‘mum at home’. I knew I didn’t want to go back to work while my children were little and couldn’t justify spending much money on looking good. I thought I couldn’t wear jewellery as the children might grab it, and didn’t have time to put any make-up on except ‘nude’ lipstick! I used to wear drab baggy clothes, and sturdy shoes, I looked dull!! I never realised it….now it’s a completely different story.

I discovered you can look and feel great on a budget.

I now have a fantastic versatile capsule wardrobe in which all the colours not only go with each other, but most importantly, they go with me. This makes dressing in the morning fun and exciting and leaves me confident to face the day ahead.

What I can do for you:

Fed up with your wardrobe, frustrated with buying clothes you don’t wear, finding trouble getting clothes to fit your body shape?

1) Save you money:

  • Have you ever bought an item of clothing, jewellery or make-up and hardly ever or at worst never worn it? How many ‘wasted’ purchases is your Colour Class investment?
  • You save money as everything goes together so you need less clothes.

2) Save time shopping:

  • Shopping becomes so much easier. You wonder why you wasted so much time in the past, searching for something you liked, that suited you and that fitted!

3)   Reduce your wardrobe by a third but give you 3 times more to wear:

  • Get rid of all those clothes you’ve been hanging on to that take up too much space in your wardrobe.
  • You have more to wear as all clothes and accessories coordinate.
  • Most people in the UK wear 15% of their clothes 85% of the time. Not once you have been on my Colour & Style classes!

4)   Build your confidence

  • Your confidence starts to build as you know everything looks great on you and you get loads of compliments.
  • I believe everyone has a right to look and feel wonderful whatever stage of life they are at.


Ever since having my colours analysed I’ve always raved about it to everyone at every opportunity. I believe colour analysis and a style class should be mandatory. Everyone should know how to make the best of themselves not just if they have a career but for their own confidence and enjoyment of life, never mind the money-saving from not making wardrobe or make-up mistakes. There are so many benefits that come from the skill and knowledge I use and share, it is absolutely value for money, and each step of the journey is a one-off cost lasting for life.

The earlier you do this the more you will benefit. Book now and see how it helps you improve your life. I look forward to meeting and helping you.

You’ll spend with me once what you pay your beauty therapist and hairdresser many times.
Consultations with me are not just for the day THEY LAST A LIFETIME!