Lindsay Corten

Corten Editorial


Hi! My name is Lindsay Corten and I am a copy-editor and proofreader, primarily working with business content, based in Burton-On-Trent.

I have taken the challenge to work on a freelance basis; establishing Corten Editorial in April 2015. Since starting my freelance career I have worked on a variety of projects for different clients, including: proofreading chapters of IT books, proofreading marketing brochures, copy-editing/proofreading website wording and copy-editing/proofreading a safeguarding policy.

I honed my skills in my previous career; I spent 20 years working in IT, ultimately as a business analyst and bid writer/manager. Since the beginning of my career, I have spent a considerable amount of time editing and proofreading my colleagues’ documents, as well as writing my own. My thoroughness, diligence and meticulous attention to detail was appreciated by many, but possibly not so much by those who did not share my love of a professionally written and grammatically correct document! I gained something of a reputation that it was not wise to ask me to review a document unless you wanted it done very thoroughly. Particularly in my final role as a bid manager, I was often used as a ‘baptism of fire’ to check the bid documents written by new members of the team; poor things!

My previous roles have helped me to recognise the importance of good customer services, and open and honest communication. Therefore, I work hard to provide all of my clients with a friendly, professional and high quality service at a fair price.

As you would expect from my previous career, my key area of expertise is in proofreading/editing IT related business documents. I am comfortable working with documents written in both technical and business language; in particular bid proposals, business requirements documents and business process documents. I have worked with a wide range of clients over the years encompassing the retail sector, more than one government agency and manufacturing/engineering in the aerospace sector.

My many interests outside of work also serve to give me insight into such varied topics as handicrafts (card making, jewellery making, knitting and crochet to name a few), the equestrian world, fancy rat keeping and Christianity, amongst other things. Therefore, if your business touches any of those areas, I will be able to add an extra dimension to any copy-editing/proofreading I do for you.

I am currently completing the PTC Basic Proofreading distance learning course, so that in future I will be able to offer proofreading services to the publishing industry using standard BSI 2005 proofreading symbols.

I also volunteer for Distributed Proofreaders, who are an organisation providing proofreading for Public Domain books being converted into e-books for Project Gutenberg (for further information see


First Class (Honours) Degree in Management Science – University of Kent at Canterbury