Linda Garrould


I am Linda, a Norwich based freelance website developer, who specialises in online marketing, social media and websites, in South Norfolk and surrounding areas.

I help my clients in the following way:

  • I provide affordable, modern looking, responsive websites that work well especially on mobile devices
  • Websites that are easy to maintain
  • Creation of an SEO strategy
  • Creation of a social media strategy that works alongside your SEO
  • Training  in WordPress, SEO including Analytics, Social Media, Canva, Mail Chimp

Although I have a IT background, I take special care in avoiding techy talk and believe in training people to administer their business online presence.  For example, if you have a website but it is not being found online, I can guide you through Google Analytics and employ other SEO strategies to help your site get noticed.

If you are unsure as to whether you need a new website or to revamp on old website, I can advise a solution that is right for you and meets your budget.

Contact me for a no obligation chat.

I am very pleased to be Norwich Network Leader for WIRE (Women and Rural Enterprise).