Linda Clark

Personal Colour & Style Consultant

Personal Colour & Style Consultant Photo

Is your wardrobe looking dull and uninspiring?

Do you feel that your clothes are making you look drab, or washed-out? Do you spend ages looking at your wardrobe but still can’t find something to wear? Look no further! Here at House of Colour Lichfield you will discover which colours best suit your skin, your eyes and your hair, so that you can look your best and present yourself looking gorgeous in every situation.

Your appearance can positively affect you regardless of what stage of life you are at.  Would you like to be more confident when you are starting your first job, progressing in your career, or going to university? Or becoming a mum? Or returning to work after maternity leave or unemployment? Even when you are retiring, or are already retired, looking and feeling good will give you the confidence you need to make the most of life’s opportunities.  You will discover the tools and understanding to help you achieve this confidence when you come to House of Colour classes.

You can learn how to find YOUR best look which makes the most of your natural features, makes you look younger, healthy and well, and both expresses who you are and how you live your life. Come along to any of the sessions in my studio in Lichfield – there are classes for colour analysis and image for both men and women. Groups can be for up to four people at a time, so why not come along with your friends, or family, or your partner, and see their transformation as well as your own?

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