Kristie Norris


I have traveled the world with my parents for both business and pleasure, and on my own to gain new experiences and to expand my knowledge of other lands and their people. We lived and worked in Texas for 5 years and learned that the average travel agent only knows the usual tourist haunts, you have to know the country to provide a meaningful experience. My passion for travel led me to join Not Just Travel and I have not looked back!

My personal experience is invaluable when dealing with my customers as I am able to speak with real authority and offer advice and guidance when relevant. This is a real personal bespoke service that I aim to provide, not a means to making the most money out of each booking, I want my customers to get value both monetarily and in finding the perfect holiday. I’m always looking to add to my client base, building positive relationships and generating repeat bookings from satisfied customers who know the value of a professional consultant and come back time and time again.

Through taking on a franchise with Not Just Travel, it gives me access to 450 suppliers, secure in the knowledge they are of good standing, as well as having a supplier for every budget.  So why not save some time and give me a call regarding your next holiday….