Karen Richards


BEAM~KR supports both adults and children who would like to reach their full potential in education, work and in their general well-being. This is achieved by combining practical help and advice with a personalized programme which includes Rhythmic Movement Training (RMTi) and other established techniques.

RMT, in particular, has much to offer in neurological development, helping to make life changing improvements. One of the primary benefits of RMT is integration of infant reflex patterns, development of the cerebellum and whole brain maturity.

The programme gives us a second opportunity to revisit the infant years and integrate any reflexes naturally that may not have played their role sufficiently in our development and become inhibited.

Rhythmic Movement Training is a drug free approach to help physical, emotional, behavioural and cognitive challenges.

Who can benefit from BEAM~KR?

Anyone who would like to improve any skill or area of their life. Anyone struggling, not performing or achieving their highest potential in education, business, sport or the performing arts. Babies, children or adults with neurological challenges, developmental delays and the wide range of learning difficulties.

I am a teacher, a mother, grandmother, Rhythmic Movement Training Consultant and sometimes writer.- but not necessarily in that order! I have worked in schools, locally; first as a teacher of English and media studies and latterly as a deputy headteacher and special educational needs coordinator (SENCo).  I spent twenty years as a teacher before discovering Rhythmic Movement Training and its ability to effect some dramatic changes in the children and adults that I work with. It is one of those things that one wishes one had found earlier in life. I have always felt that an holistic approach to teaching and learning is necessary if students are to achieve their full potential. This applies just as much to adults as it does to children.

For this reason, I have more recently, worked with adults with issues of stress management and physical well-being. This is an exciting development, for me and I am presenting this synthesis of RMT, with the tools I have been accumulating over the years, as BEAM~KR: balance, education and movement, with a bit of me thrown in. I hope it helps!

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Reflections on Reflexes 9th January 2018