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Thatch Advice Centre

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The Thatch Advice Centre is an on-line resource of free thatching advice to help thatched property owners in building or maintaining a thatched property.  Supported by Master Thatchers and thatched homeowners we have a large network of associates to assist. From new build to listed, fire safety to building regulations, we are happy to help.  Bi-annual free e-newsletters and active social media (FB Twitter Instagram) means that our ‘Thatch Community’ is growing.  Please join us and share with your friends who may have thatch.

Free WEB resource for anyone who owns or maintains a thatched property.

The Thatch Advice Centre offers the benefit of many years of experience from our growing number of specialist thatch friends and associates.

We want everyone to enjoy owning a thatched property and have somewhere to go for expert independent advice.

Join us and sign up for our free newsletter, tell your friends who have thatch.   Our community consists of architects, builders, thatchers, chimney sweeps, Fire Service, Historic England, Historic Scotland, Insurers……

We promote thatch, sustainable, insulating and beautiful for roofing and other architectural projects and our aim is to be the hub where people go to find out about thatch.

Our knowledge and experience means that we also are invited to give talks on thatch, from fire safety to overviews for surveyors.  We love thatch!