Julie Stewart

Independent Property Advisor

Independent Property Advisor Photo

We are Jos & Julie Stewart, we are Directors of Scarborough Pages Limited and we work in association with the world’s largest and most influential property agent – Keller Williams, as independent property agents.

With a combination of over 30 years experience in the industry to access a worldwide network of agents and utilise an unrivalled network of buyers, sellers and investors both commercially and residentially.

We use local, national and global markets to go out and find a buyer for your property on a daily basis where a minimum of three hours per day is allocated to this task alone. If we don’t find you a buyer then we don’t get paid, it’s that simple.

We want to get you the best price for your property as quickly as possible and in providing you with a weekly communication promise from your very own personal consultant you can be sure of knowing exactly what is going on through the process.

We give our agents the best training and support available using a state of the art system which allows us to provide a premium, proactive personal consultation service at a reasonable price – SIMPLY NOT AVAILABLE ANYWHERE ELSE.

We are based in North Yorkshire, specifically in Scarborough and the surrounding areas. We are Independent Professionals who specialise in building successful businesses from a solid foundation while creating valuable opportunities for associates and most importantly our clients (you) along the way.

We believe that a high standard of service is something which you should expect to be normal when using our services and nothing less than complete satisfaction from a client will put a smile on our faces!

We are really passionate about people and specifically about trying to help improve the local community by providing a better financial proposition for the people we meet. We hope to help you get a better deal and find what you want out of life soon…