Julia Doig


Welcome to The Kikoy Co.

Discover the culture of Kikoys by exploring our website, understand the tradition and history of a Kikoy, an East African version of a wrap or sarong.

Kikoys are a most beautiful piece of woven cotton, rectangular in shape, traditionally a garment for men which have now evolved into an invaluable item of clothing for all ages, sizes and sexes! There are hundreds of ways to wear a Kikoy and masses of uses for them, from a sarong to a sling or a turban to beach towel, or a cover up to a curtain, embrace the ethos of Kikoys!

Kikoys are exclusive to the East African coast, in particular Kenya, where we weave them with the finest cotton grown in the region. The Kikoy Company have developed a range of Kikoys that encompass the origin of the Kikoy combined with the rationale for clothing of today: comfort, style and innovation.

A Kikoy (also known as kikoi) is by no means a simple rectangle of pure cotton, but a work of art inspired by the vibrant colours of the coastline in this area, using old methods combined with new colourfast dyes our Kikoys are fabulous!