Coaching to re-connect you to your inner rock star!

Coaching to re-connect you to your inner rock star! Photo

Hi there and thanks for reading my profile!  

Having a name like Joy gives me plenty of scope to play, although it’s taken me decades to learn how to move from a ‘solutions based business’ to one that is truly focused towards bringing more joy into our world.  My company Joyous Solutions was founded on the principle that business should be fun. Over time – as I moved between freelance projects and corporate roles – it evolved from a marketing services provider into a management consultancy and I still work with a couple of preferred partners to ‘keep my hand in’.  However my deep love of personal development has led me to combine my corporate skills and experience with an expanding number of coaching tools that I continue to learn and use on my own journey.  It is an honour and deeply humbling to share these resources with my clients, to witness the incredible shifts they make in their energy and hear how that subsequently impacts their lives.  

As The Joy Connector I inspire undervalued and invisible women to find the way back to their own greatness – after all, it’s my story too.