Jenny Bracelin

I explain money to practical people in business

I explain money to practical people in business Photo

Feel Good About Money.

I explain money to practical people in business.

Simple solutions that work, for an irresistible price.

Earning under £10k? On Tax Credits? Newly qualified or just starting to embrace your business? No previous knowledge needed! Jenny, how do I…?

I love answering peoples’ questions about making money – bring your list. I come from a positive perspective, that makes people go ‘aha’, I can do that!!

Are you stuck on the business side of things? Don’t be.

Hi, I’m Jenny and I love transforming peoples money and seeing them, go far beyond what they thought was possible.


Learn business book-keeping in 15 minutes! Simply and easily explained.

Transform your attitude to money from negative to positive.

Or just get all your business questions answered (I sort out 90% of questions in 1 session.)


Ready to move forward?

Call me today 07956 218744

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“I  feel like I can breathe a massive sigh of relief” Artist

“I have put up my prices, stopped working for free” Consultant

“Your ability to get to the nitty gritty of a person is amazing . You have pointed things out to me that I was totally oblivious to!!!”  Airbnb Host


After an hour with me, you will feel so much better.  Plus the technical expertise, you need to make money.


Too far away?
I work by Telephone, Skype, Messenger and FaceTime

Check out my website for more information and download your Free Guide to Getting Paid (nicely).


Enjoy your money

All the best, Jenny

Call me on 07956 218744


An award winning entrepreneur, Jenny created, set up and ran successful businesses in linen hire, property, music and business advice, becoming an asset millionaire in 2014.

Couple that 20 years of personal development and Certificates in Coaching, Business Advice, Business Counseling, Business Training and a passion for understanding people’s attitudes to money.

Only take advice if it is useful!


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