Janette Town

Professional Networker

Professional Networker Photo

After 36 years in Financial Services I have decided to have a career change.  My role is now a Professional Networker. What is a Professional Networker? I hear you say. We all understand how important it is to network to get your name noticed but some people find this very hard to do, or they simply don’t have time.  Well if that is the case I am your Woman.  Thing of me an avatar.  I will go along to networking events, or run trade stands at events that you don’t have time to attend.  This way You can Be in Two Places at the Same Time.  I am also able to refer networking leads to other professions, for which I get paid a commission.  I will only work with people who I believe are ethical and have great products.  As an example, if you want the help of a barrister but are worried about how much they charge then speak to me. If you want a loan for anything but don’t know where to go, again speak to me.  If on the other hand you want other people to know about your products and services then speak to me.

I am also, and for anyone who knows me will think this is strange, studying for a Level 3 Diploma in Personal Training as I have been asked to join my Son’s Company – Roots of Yggdrasil – to teach chair based exercises in local libraries or church halls. For someone who never really enjoyed Biology at school this is quite a challenge and of course there is the point that I don’t go to the gym so am I learning a whole new terminology.  Watch this space for further information.