Jane Heaton

Business coach and mentor, marketing adviser

Business coach and mentor, marketing adviser Photo

Business coaching and marketing advice – helping you start, fine tune or grow your business successfully while being authentic and true to yourself.

Whether you’re just starting your business or have been running it for some time and now want to develop further, it can be tough making decisions all on your own or just finding someone to go to for advice at an all round, ‘holistic’ level.

I have a particular interest in helping people build successful businesses around who they really are. This often means focusing on the ‘inner’ person as well as the ‘outer’ skills of business development and marketing.

I can be your business coach – helping you think clearly and asking you the questions that enable and empower you to move forward.

I can also be your trusted adviser – sharing my experience and knowledge of business and marketing gained over more than 35 years, the last 20 working independently with a wide range of small and growing businesses.

Find out more at www.janeheatonassociates.com or call me on 01386 701944 for an initial chat.

“When I was planning my career change from being employed to self-employed, I turned to Jane to help me think through what I wanted to achieve personally and professionally. Jane is easy to work with, really cares, and has a wealth of experience to share. Her organised approach to our sessions made them focused and productive. In my view, everyone should have a Jane in their life!” Lynette Searle

“Jane worked with me over a couple of sessions to help me re-focus on what my business is all about and the direction I am aiming to take. Her questioning style prompted me to achieve exactly what I was after: clarity, a sense of purpose and a feeling of energy. I would strongly recommend using Jane to help you establish the identity and direction of your business. This, coupled with her excellent marketing knowledge, has set me on a clearer course.” Fiona Robson

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