Jane Batty

People Development

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I have often heard people say “Batty by name and Batty by nature!” I guess my constantly creative mind and massive dose of intuition might give that impression.

As a constant ‘creator of things’ I spent my childhood colouring, drawing and making – now is no different. If you sit with me long enough I will have doodled some ideas or crafted something from the napkin or beer mat in front of me!

For nearly 25 years I’ve worked in roles where understanding my team has been key to success and I have been fascinated by what makes people tick (and how I could help them tick even better).

This led to me finally forming Ripple in 2012.

Starting my career in Retail Management and getting keys to a shiny new store, a stockroom full of the latest fashions and a rookie team, meant my people skills were deployed fast … and that was before the customers came in! Looking back, nothing gave me greater pleasure than a ‘Saturday Girl’ rising to ‘Store Manager’ … and knowing I’d played a part in that.

Here I am now, working in an ever changing landscape as I coach individuals, work with teams and design and deliver inspirational learning programmes across many industry sectors including Pharma, Finance, Leisure and Retail. Developing anyone from Marketing and Finance Directors, IT Teams through to Scientists and Opera Singers in the UK, Europe, USA and Asia …

This has been my amazing journey – I’d love to be part of yours…

What we do at Ripple

We work with individuals to discover their potential, achieve personal and business goals and help them become all they can be.

We believe given the opportunity to do something they like to do, understand their strengths, weaknesses and why they work well with some …and not so well with others, individuals will flourish.