Jan Cavelle

Sales coach, business coach, entrepreneur and writer

Sales coach, business coach, entrepreneur and writer Photo

I am a business coach and sales coach who particularly (though not solely!) works with women in business, be it their own or other people’s.   I do sales teaching, of the methodology of sales to prevent you suffering from that dreaded feast and famine on incoming sales.

I also teach and coach on understanding the particular issues other women have with sales and why they feel so daunted and filled with dread when sales is proposed!  I am happy to come to your company to do this and I also give talks at women’s groups on this and a wide variety of related topics.

I also do a more coaching based approach with sales, where I can come and look at your whole sales process and people who inter-act with customers in your business and advise on strengths and weaknesses and what we can do about them.

Drawing on my own experience as an entrepreneur, and building businesses past the multi-million mark, I am also really happy to offer business support and coaching to women who would like an extra arm of support in their journey.

Much of the coaching and one to one work can be done via skype to keep costs highly affordable.

Finally, I also write !  I have written for Real Business, Britain’s largest digital magazine for SME owners, for many years.  I also write blogs and newsletters and can offer trained copy writing services.