Helen Oldfield

Grow your brand and reputation using Affinity PR

Grow your brand and reputation using Affinity PR Photo

Affinity PR helps ethical business people to grow their brands and reputation, using communications, press/media, digital and traditional marketing. We only promote brands and people we believe in and would buy from ourselves (the clue’s in the business name!).

Helen Oldfield, founder of Affinity PR (and South Suffolk WiRE network co-leader) is a skilled and experienced PR, communications consultant and media influencer.  Her specialist knowledge and connections are within the international and UK travel and tourism industries, culture, arts and festivals, charities and good causes, food and hospitality.

Affinity PR was founded in 2008 at Helen’s kitchen table in Suffolk.  She grew the business organically, without any outside investment, seed capital or start up funding. What began as a tiny consultancy of one person has now grown into a “virtual team” of experts in PR and communications strategy, design, marketing and branding, helping clients to achieve their ambitious goals whilst delivering outstanding customer care. Now Affinity PR serves customers throughout the UK and abroad.

In 2014 Affinity PR won Trading for Good’s “Responsible Business Award”. Helen is a Visiting Fellow at University of Suffolk’s School of Business and a Judge of The International Hotel Awards.  In 2019 she was joint recipient of The Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service for her pro bono work with Rural Coffee Caravan since 2003.

Helen discreetly opens doors to valuable media coverage and PR opportunities such as speaking engagements, as well as making introductions to potential customers, collaborators and other major influencers within your own industry.

If you are serious about wanting to grow your business and reputation, you need to be talking with Affinity PR.  Helen Oldfield is always very pleased to hear from fellow WiRE members.  Feel free to get in touch with helen@affinitypr.co.uk.  More information about the company can be seen at www.affinitypr.co.uk