Helen Howells


I inspire and provoke innovation through the art (and science) of good conversation. I work with you and your teams to create space to ask the right questions and design fun and interactive sessions to bring the real issues to the fore. I then empower you to take those ideas and turn them into workable solutions for your company or organsiation.

With a background in Environment and Sustainability, I help you to identify the impact your company has on the local economy and the environment, and support you to produce your best work – that’s  good for people, and good for the planet.

About the company

Hwylus exists to lead sustainability through the power of good conversation. Hwylus was founded in 2016 by Helen Howells, an excellent conversationalist and creative thinker. Helen has worked in Sustainability for 10 years and believes that creativity is a key component of Sustainable Development. And engaging people, be it customers, operators or sponsors, is a critical part of the design process. Helen believes firmly in the importance of good design, and provides thoughtful and meaningful processes to support this.

Traditional Welsh values of kindness, integrity and equality are core to the working culture at Hwylus. Hwylus is proud to offer professional services filled with warmth, enthusiasm and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the World.

Helen is a Chartered Environmentalist and a Full Member of IEMA. She is also an Associate of the Association for Heritage Interpretation.