Hannah Randall

Wellbeing practitioner teaching Yoga and Mindfulness


Try something old; to find something new.

Wellbeing is a holistic, active experience where the body and mind need to work together to bring benefits to ‘the whole of life’ experience.

Yoga and Mindfulness have both been shown to improve mental and physical wellbeing for participants through developing the mind/body connection, cultivating awareness and presence and improving concentration. Both practices are centuries old yet can bring a wealth of benefits to individuals in the modern world.

Mindfulness is a practice of widening our awareness and insight so that we can live in the present moment without judgment. The ability to watch our minds and the busyness within as an observer rather than through grasping onto thoughts, allows us to experience a greater freedom and peace of mind. The skills of mindfulness can be used in daily life to reduce stress and anxiety, be more productive and develop better relationships at work and at home and lead to a greater sense of physical and mental wellbeing.

Yoga is well known for its physical benefits of increased strength, stability, fitness, flexibility and muscle tone. Yoga is not just a physical practice however. Yoga sessions include relaxation techniques to calm the mind, mobilisation, asana (physical practice) and a mixture of meditation and breathing practices (pranayama). This means the body and mind work together to provide a holistic health experience leading to great potential health improvements.

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