Gillian Edwards

Business and professional stress manager

Business and professional stress manager Photo

Gill Edwards is a stress management coach and author of the upcoming book entitled:

“Stress less? Hell YES!”

Gill’s research into stress and health, the brain, mindset and nutrition, guided her from a nursing career towards her passion for helping women (mostly) to turn stressful situations into positive opportunities; whether in business or in life.

It is her belief that given the right tools, inspiration and support, lives and businesses can be dramatically transformed.

Gill specialises in re-energising the lives of overwhelmed, exhausted women, to enable them to become the best possible version of themselves.

Stress management also has the advantage of helping to prevent the shortening of Telomeres (ask Gill if you don’t know what these are!) so improving health and preventing premature aging –            A no-brainer then!

There is an old Maori saying which sums up chronic stress:

” He iti wai kowhao waka e tahuri te waka”

Translated, it means:

“A little water seeping through a small hole may swamp a canoe”

When Gill’s not plugging holes in canoes (or preventing them in the first place) she’s doing Karate, HIIT sessions or Yoga and loves grandchildren-cuddling, Winifred-the-dog walking, writing, reading and piano/guitar playing.