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Mill Pensions Limited Pension Consultant demystifying pensions and retirement options for Individuals, Independent Financial Advisors, Employers and Trustees

Mill Pensions Limited   Pension Consultant demystifying pensions and retirement options for Individuals, Independent Financial Advisors, Employers and Trustees Photo

Pension Consultant demystifying pensions and retirement options for Individuals, Employers, Independent Financial Advisors, and Trustees

Free no obligation half an hour chat to answer preliminary questions, understand your needs and point you in the right direction. 


Example Topics

State pensions – what to expect , how to get a forecast ; How you benefit from the employers contribution to workplace pensions and government tax relief; Advantages of saving through a retirement savings pot and how to save more ;How to find out the current value of your retirement savings pot and understand your annual statements; Types of investment options available ; Options for withdrawing from your retirement savings pot including timing, tax position and flexibility; How to find and review previous pension arrangements ; Where to get more information.


Understanding your workplace pension responsibilities and what you need to do ; Auto enrolment; Re-enrolment; Employee communications helping employees to appreciate your valuable contribution and plan for their retirement assisting your succession planning for the business ; advantages of employer contributions for Directors and business owners .

IFA’s – Technical Pension Consulting

General Consultancy helping you and your client with information received from defined benefit schemes. Clear explanations and discussions of options including additional information to consider and what questions to ask. Examples would be retirement options, leaving service options, communications on benefit changes

IFA’s – Defined Benefit Transfers

Provision of draft transfer and APTA reports for IFAs who are advising on transfers from defined benefit schemes. Reports include full analysis, explanation and comparison of benefits being given up. Service includes requesting Information from Scheme Trustees and Administrators; reviewing the information received; testing for accuracy and anomalies; requesting additional information as required; review and comment on information;

Independent Secretary to the Trustee 

Arranging meetings , agenda, attending meetings , minutes and points of action, annual working agenda and governance.


Fellow of the Pensions Management Institute, Committee member of the Pension and Lifetime Savings Association Yorkshire group, Member of the Pensions Consultative Committee of Telent.

Over 40 years’ experience within an in house pensions department and third party pension administrator. During that period I have been pension consultant and secretary to the trustee for many schemes both defined benefit and defined contribution ranging in size from less than 100 members to over 30,000 members. Member experience and communication was a very important part of that role.

If you would like a free no obligation chat to discuss your circumstances and to see whether I may be able to help or to point you in the right direction please drop me an email at elaine.tarver@millpensions.co.uk  or give me a call on 0771 275 1336 .

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