Elaine Pritchard

Marketing specialist - writer, editor, workshops & training

Marketing specialist - writer, editor, workshops & training Photo

Are you feeling lost for words?

My job is to help businesses understand how the content they create and share online can build relationships with customers and lead to new opportunities.

I run workshops and training courses, group sessions and one-to-ones, to help people develop the skills and confidence to write for different audiences on various digital platforms and achieve their goals and objectives.

I can take an independent look at the content you are creating and sharing and how your brand is perceived online. Then together we can put together a social media strategy focused on helping you achieve your business objectives. Based in Staffordshire, I can also provide hands-on help by writing articles, blog posts and newsletters for you.

For more than 25 years I was a journalist and editor on local, regional and national newspapers. I also created and ran a number of award-winning, content-rich digital businesses and led the team that won an Interactive BAFTA for a ground-breaking, educational website that I pitched to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport and was commissioned to deliver.

When I worked for the internet division of the Daily Mail group we were early adopters of social media and since then I’ve been a fan of how digital channels can help businesses to reach and influence potential customers and suppliers and create a buzz.

Do visit my website – caittompublishing.co.uk – to find out more about what I do and get in touch to see if I could help you make this your best year in business.

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