Dr Rona Mackenzie

Chief Operating Officer at David Fowkes Jewellery


David Fowkes creates unique, handmade jewellery exhibiting the highest standard of craftsmanship. The brand is synonymous with gems of exceptional quality, cut to perfection and set in unique designs. Every piece of David Fowkes Jewellery has been individually created, using ancient stone cutting methods, and a combination of both traditional and innovative techniques. David’s work translates as a piece of art and a feast for the eyes: the ultimate pleasure to wear.

David Fowkes Jewellery is located in Thoresby Courtyard, in North Nottinghamshire. Every single piece of jewellery is handmade, on site, by our exceptionally talented Goldsmiths. We are proud of our #MadeInNottinghamshire heritage and constantly seek to collaborate with like minded businesses to share the beauty of our unique jewellery.