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Digital Marketing Consultant, Facebook Marketing for Small Business, Social Media Done For Service, Lead Generation & Content Marketing

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If You Are Frozen To The Spot About Facebook For Your Business, Can’t Think What To Post & Don’t  Have A Clue Where To Start I Would LOVE To Talk To You!

I’ll Give You The Tools, The Inspiration & The Know How That You Are Missing Out On Right Now When It Comes To Using Facebook To Grow Your Business

Facebook for small business is a minefield because the vast majority of training courses, websites and best advice is aimed at big businesses not you or I.

If you are struggling to get Facebook going for your business, and you just sit there wondering what to post every day I feel your pain.

Back in 2010 I was in exactly the same boat.

I had 2 Facebook pages with about 135 likes and 62 likes respectively with zero comments, likes or shares. I could see other people using Facebook for their business and getting incredible results so I opened up a Word document and called it “Conquering Facebook.”

Then I started to apply what I can teach you and within months Facebook became the second biggest generator of traffic to our website.

But what amazed me (and my clients over the last few years) was the quality of the lead that came from Facebook.

It was like they already knew us, liked us and trusted us

Fast-forward to today and those two same Facebook pages have 9,500 & 19,000 Facebook fans and have generated over £250,000 in sales turnover directly from Facebook.

Facebook is my thing but it’s not my only passion when it comes to helping small business owners generate highly targeted leads for their business or increase their profits:-

I can also help you with:-

  • Building an online sales funnel that generates leads for your business every day before breakfast.
  • Make Facebook marketing work for your business without it costing you a ton of money or hours and hours of your time.
  • Help you creating info-products, E-courses and email follow ups to generate additional streams of revenue for your business using your existing skills and expertise.
  • Add a SHOPIFY online shop as an additional revenue stream, that you can integrate and market on Facebook.
  • Create an authority blog that ranks for keywords and phrases your ideal clients are typing into Google each and every day.
  • Create an inner circle, membership site or paid membership area to generate recurring income each and every month.

Introducing My Facebook Marketing For Small Business Services:-

Frogs have the ability to jump over 20 times their body length, that’s the equivalent of a human jumping over 100 feet. it’s what you would call a quantum leap.

And that’s what I can help you do. You can leap-frog years of testing, measuring, trial and error, tears and frustration about Facebook marketing for your business in just one quantum leap.

To find out more about my Facebook marketing for small businesses click here.

For digital expertise at a time convenient to you, follow my step-by-step 7 Day Facebook Marketing E-course by clicking here.

Introducing The Project Lifestyle Club.
My Online Marketing Business Club For Small Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Looking To Learn How To Leverage Their Business Online

The Project Lifestyle Club is a low-cost online marketing business club and network that will help you set up your business on a proven rock solid foundation from which to grow using the Project Lifestyle Club Method.

  • Think Successfully
  • Create Content Beautifully
  • Market Brilliantly
  • Work Intelligently

Every month you’ll be invited to start the month with an online Think Successfully session followed by two step-by-step strategies to create and implement each and every month (one for creating content and the other for marketing), followed by a Q&A session at the end of the month to make sure you are making progress.

It’s designed to help you gain Clarity, Confidence and Competence when it comes to designing a lifestyle business that you love. It’s what I like to call #projectlifestyle

You can find out more about me, my services & the Project Lifestyle Club by visiting : DianeCossie.com

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