Deloris Clarke

I help you to get out of a work rut and into earning action.

I help you to get out of a work rut and into earning action. Photo

Small business owners, start-ups, visual thinkers.

I’m an assistive technology and digital productivity coach and I’ll help you to get the tsunami of thoughts from your mind into simple, practical action.

Why not benefit from the same training that I’ve delivered to both students and senior leadership teams in schools, at universities and corporate organisations across the USA, Europe, UK and Asia?

What you can learn…..

  • How to work across any system and get organised on the cloud, on your computer and with your thoughts!
  • Planning made simple, breaking down overwhelming projects to their basic elements.
  • Power through your back-office tasks freeing your time to focus on the work and people you love.
  • Manage the work/life blend with more ease.
  • See how you can actually measure your progress towards your goals and make micro-adjustments to get back on course if you’re not achieving the results that you’re expecting.

Are you technically challenged?
Don’t worry.  I’ll give you the most attention and break tasks down to make them logical and simple.

You can meet wherever and whenever you feel comfortable as I meet you in your home, at your office, at my training venue in the heart of Ipswich, or even over remote webcast.

Sessions typically last 90 minutes to 2 hours.

You are invited to give me a call for a quick chat.  You can let me know your biggest struggles, no obligations what so ever.

I belive that the most valuable and useful qualification a person has is gained by hands on experience, that said, it is sometimes handy to produce official validation.

To that end, here are my qualifications:

MSc. KM,
BSc. (Hons) BIT,
Prince2, ITIL BA

and here are a few of the really kind words some of my clients have shared.

I cannot speak highly enough of Dolly’s training. I believed that if I bought the software I could do it myself, after all I’m IT literate and am considered intelligent so don’t need training right? Wrong!
Through Dolly’s training programme I learned short cuts, and know it would suit my individual needs. She instinctively knew what the software could do to help me save time and be more effective.
As an added bonus, she is totally uplifting and motivating, and helped in so many ways I have decided I need her as a regular incentive to push myself to the next level.
I can personally vouch for her, because not all that glitters is gold, but Dolly is most certainly pure and solid gold!“
CJ Web. Author

“We run a community charity and don’t always have the skills in house to accomplish all the tasks to reach our goals efficiently. Dolly has been on hand to bridge that gap when we needed; we have been grateful for the hands-on support and training.”
L. Uzokwe  Charity Director

“The Teaching quality is excellent.  Dolly is very knowledgeable, easy going and clearly places a lot of importance on rapport building.”
S Kumari, Administrator