Debbie Wren

Unique range of boxes for cupcakes, macaroons and wedding favours

Unique range of boxes for cupcakes, macaroons and wedding favours Photo

 At Little Cupcake Boxes we specialise in supplying a unique range of cupcake boxes and macaroon boxes which are designed to complement beautiful cupcakes and macaroons. Our range of cupcake boxes include single gift boxes for individual cupcakes in a wide range of colours and designs. We also have cupcake boxes which can hold 2, 4, 6 and 12 cupcakes which are ideal for cupcake companies and shops who use our cupcake boxes to package their cupcakes and add a very special gift presentation.

Complimentary to our cupcake boxes is our range of boxes for macaroons which include clear gift boxes as well as plastic moulded trays which are ideal for displaying your macaroons in store and sending macaroons through the post.

Our range of cupcake and macaroon boxes are also very popular for weddings – creating beautiful wedding favours.

Little Cupcake Boxes was launched in the summer of 2008 when cupcake shops started springing up all over the country. But no-one was supplying gift boxes for the cupcakes to go into. So Little Cupcake Boxes was founded.

Debbie Wren, the company co-founder also owns two other internet retail companies – Click the Cookie  –  which specialises in personalised fortune cookies with your own messages inside – perfect for unusual promotional campaigns and the ultimate wedding favour of personalised wedding fortune cookies which is truly unique because each fortune cookie contains your own words.

The wedding theme is continued with our other company – Unique Wedding Favours which offers a collection of unusual wedding favours, many designed by and exclusive to ourselves, wedding table decorations and wedding favour boxes as well as our own range of wedding fortune cookies.