Cathy Alexander


I set up Quilting with Cathy after my life took a dramatic turn when I exhibited a quilt that I had created in an international festival in August 2018.  There has been a huge amount of interest in my work, including a television screen test (which I passed), a book deal and social media acclaim.

A mother of several children from Wotton-under-Edge (Gloucestershire), I have run a number of businesses over my lifetime (so far), including a chartered surveying practice and a large Cotswold holiday house.

So Quilting with Cathy is a new venture and one that I am embracing.  It is exciting to have a new career.

One of the 40,000 likes and comments on Facebook was that this quilt would take me on a journey and so it is proving to do …

Cathy Alexander, Quilting with Cathy