Caroline Oakes

Alpaca Farm, Mini Mill and Weaving Studio

Alpaca Farm, Mini Mill and Weaving Studio Photo


Clivewood is a business that is fully integrated.

  1. Clivewood Alpacas is responsible for the alpacas on the farm. There are 37 at present with some pregnant females. The alpacas are bred for their fleece and also some will be sold.
  2. The Mill at Clivewood is where we process the alpaca fleece into yarn for ourselves and other alpaca owners.
  3. Weaving is where we take the yarn we have processed. We weave scarves, throws, rugs and many other items. Even though there are 23 natural colours we will also dye alpaca to widen the colour range.
  4. We also have 16 Ryeland sheep on the farm who are kept for their fleece. The fleece is processed by another mill and returned to be woven.
  5. Other activities focussing on “experiences”
  • Alpaca walking where members of the public come and learn about alpacas and walk them round the farm
  • Weave an alpaca scarf in a day course. Typically 4 people weave for the first time and go home with a scarf
  • Group visits. WI and other local groups visit for an “introduction to alpacas, the mill and weaving”