Anna Wilde

Anna Wilde


Anna Wilde is the owner of PerfectArc Consultants, and works as an IT adviser on the Fastershire program in Herefordshire/Gloucestershire. Businesses in these counties can have a free half-day visit with a further £100 available for follow-up help or towards a software subscription – get in  touch to arrange yours now!

Anna is an experienced web developer, workshop trainer and facilitator and also works as an independent IT consultant and adviser when she isn’t wrangling websites. Anna’s field of expertise ranges from all things web and ecommerce to Cloud computing and apps and she always has just the right app on hand for – well, anything really. A self-confessed lover of all things gadgety, she likes nothing better than getting excited about the next big thing in tech.

Just to balance things up, she’s an extremely keen knitter, quilter and dressmaker, has two adult children and is mummy to two miniature dachshunds. She reads a lot and makes and eats cakes frequently.