Angela Tyler


The ELY Memorial Fund objectives are to relieve financial hardship for families within the County Boundary of Herefordshire as defined by Herefordshire Council.  By giving a condolence gift as a one-off payment, if their son or daughter are tragically killed in a road traffic accident between the ages 17 to 25 years of age.  Whether the accident is in Herefordshire or another part of the world, irrespective of race, ethnic or national origin, colour, disability, sexuality, political or religious beliefs, in the interests of public benefit and the object of relieving financial hardship for the families whose main domicile is in Herefordshire.

The fund will provide a condolence gift known as “Hugs from ELY” (funeral plan) to contribute towards the funeral costs.  We want families to feel assured that there is some help with the funeral costs (my heart wants to help all ages if they are tragically killed, but our funds could not sustain such costs).  We are therefore liaising with funeral undertakers to agree an amount to pay for a basic funeral, so a family can mourn and arrange their child’s funeral without the added stress and financial burden.

Our other objectives are to provide help and support through other groups, such as looking into life insurance, Will writing and emotional support for victims of road traffic accidents.

The Charity was set up in memory of Emma Louise Young (E.L.Y.). Emma tragically lost her life in a road traffic accident. She was just 23 and our only daughter.