Angela Harrison

Upcycling Recycling block printing workshops

Upcycling Recycling block printing workshops Photo

My Little Pink Shed is storage space for my workshop, my workshop is where recycling, upcycling, repurposing and things get a new lease of life. Things being, old outdated furniture, picture frames, pallet wood and lots of other random household items.

My Little Pink Shed is about re-cycling, upcycling, re-purposing and giving things a new lease of life, whether they are old pieces of furniture, picture frames, random household items or pallets of wood. These could be things that you own already and choose to commission me to transform for you or a ‘seek and find commission’ where I source a style or type of furniture for you and work on it. Much of my work involves chalk painting furniture which I discovered via a friend, love it! I spend most of my child free time recycling, upcycling, updating whatever I can find that needs a new lease of life.