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I use a bespoke piece of software, that enables mobile friendly websites to be created at a very affordable price for small businesses. These websites can either sit alongside an existing website, or serve as a stand-alone website for clients who do not already have an existing website.

Following a graphics and print production career of over 30 years working both in Corporate and Ad. Agency environments, I could immediately see the value of being able to provide this cost effective service to small businesses and sole traders. I was looking for a new venture and this was perfect, so after completing the bespoke training, Mobilized Business Websites was formed.

Well over 50% of web searches are now made from a mobile device. Since April 2015 Google give priority ranking to Mobile Friendly websites so that people searching from a mobile phone see Mobile Friendly sites first. This means that businesses that don't have a mobile friendly website will be at a distinct disadvantage.

Using this amazing software, I can produce simple mobile friendly sites that Google really likes; this means they load quickly with a very clear, easy-to-read display that incorporates a strong call to action. Customers using this design of mobile friendly site have found they receive a lot more visitors to their site and many have experienced up to a 35% increase in business.

I therefore have a very strong and cost effective product to offer at a time when small businesses need to get mobile friendly. I have always prided myself in providing excellent customer service with a fast turnaround time and can have your mobile friendly website up and running in a very short timescale - often in just days!

In addition to my website services I also offer the client a design and artwork service if required, for example logo design, flyers, posters, business cards etc.

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