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I am Aly Harrold a, professional speaking coach.

My mission is to support as many women as possible to move past their fears of public speaking so they can shine their light on the world and change it for the better.

I run various workshops and programmes covering all aspects of public speaking and specialise in helping women to understand and develop this amazing instrument, their speaking voice, so that they become fully resonant and emotive speakers. I also provide personal one to one coaching created for the individuals needs, be it a Keynote Speech,  making a business video or getting past the nerves to  deliver and connect effectively with an audience. You can find out more about my workshops and programmes here.

I have  had the wonderful rewarding experience of coaching speakers for their TEDx talks. The TED Talk has the potential to go viral in a big way and raise your profile to new levels, so you need to ensure you invest your time  making this an amazing performance.   I have had the honour of helping many speakers to find their “Speaker Wings”. Inspiring and coaching them as they go from never speaking in public to being able to deliver their talk in front of a large audience in an auditorium, under the lights on a red carpet with a TEDx logo behind them whilst being filmed. The pressure can be huge but with the right help you can deliver something amazing that will be available  to be seen for a very long time.

I offer a virtual call to establish whether I can help you. To  do this please email me on:  or give me a call. I look forward to having a chat with you.


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