Alison Chester-Lambert

Alison Chester-Lambert

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Alison is  a counselor and business coach with a difference. She uses astropsychology – a  mixture of astrology and psychology. Alison is a regular contributor to the Daily Mail Online and has BBC radio and American TV credits. Her second book with a major UK publisher (Astrology Reading Cards) sold over 10,000 copies world wide.

With a global reputation for being one of the busiest and best astro-psychological consultants around, she has over 600 regular clients on her books all of whom access her via Skype.

Alison has a Masters Degree in Cultural Astrology and Astronomy from the School of Archaeology at the University of Wales.

Current projects include a regular slot on the famous Sandie Sedgbeer Radio Show in the USA and she also appears in her own monthly slot on the Virtual Light Broadcast TV Show in Las Vegas.

Alison also runs a membership club which costs just £5.95 per month to join and you get at least 15 original 500 word emails per month describing the latest influences from astrology. (All in an understandable language)

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