Pivoting in Business

Posted: 16th February 2023

Bryony Parker Photo

By: Bryony Parker

Pivoting in Business


I am Bryony Parker and I am a business transformation coach and help ladies in rural and equine industries grow and scale their businesses. Using a combination of my finance and business skills I have sprinkled them with mindset stardust to be able to help you in whatever area of your business you need help with.

As a qualified accountant and experienced finance professional, for the last 13 years or more I have been trading as a freelance finance manager. But 3 years ago, pivoted to become a finance and money mindset coach, helping ladies get better with their money and become abundant.

But I realised that I more often or not, I helped them with more things than their finances but gave them loads of business advice too.  Having run a successful business myself for the last 15 years, and being a director of several family companies I am a very experienced business lady.

As a finance manager I also transformed many companies from the brink of collapse to successful businesses time and time again. I know business, I understand business and I am very good at business.

As a certified law of attraction practitioner I am qualified to help ladies master their mindset. After all they say success is 80% mindset and 20% strategy. We attract into our lives what we are, so being positive help attract more of the same. I help ladies believe they can succeed, feel positive and abundant.

I realised as I was coaching that I have more to offer, I love helping people, I am a kind generous intuitive lady and love my job.  So have pivoted again to become a business growth transformation coach to combine all my skills to be able to help more businesses. 🤩