Happy Birthday – Cherington HR!

Posted: 28th April 2020

Happy Birthday – Cherington HR!

Cherington HR recently had its 14th Birthday on Easter Sunday – although with everything else going on with the Covid-19 pandemic over the last few weeks, we haven’t really felt like celebrating (not yet, anyway).  However, when business gets back to “normal” (whatever the new “normal” looks like) we’ll think of some way to commemorate the achievement.  We survived the global financial crisis in 2008 and are still extremely busy, so are simply grateful for that and would like to take this opportunity to say, “Thank you,” to our clients.

March and April 2020 have been a nightmare for employers and employees alike (and HR consultants!!) but we are all now getting the hang of some new terminology such as Furlough (pronounced, “Furlow” but I’ve found to be variously misspelled/ mispronounced as “Furlong”, “Furluff” and “Furline”) and acronyms such as WHF  (working from home).  We’ve all been making much more use of technology like videoconferencing (assuming our home broadband facilities can cope with competing demands from various family members and junior “co-workers”).

We’re still getting news of updates to the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (CJRS) but things have settled down a bit now after the first successful claims being made through the HMRC portal.  So here is the latest news, some of which relates to Covid-19 issues and some which covers more general HR matters.

The articles can all be found along with all the previous news articles here.