Source Energy Healing in The Times

Posted: 9th October 2019

Sarah Stanyer Photo

By: Sarah Stanyer

Source Energy Healing in The Times

I don’t normally buy The Times, but had to on Saturday. One of the therapies I do featured in the Health and Wellbeing section of The Times. I feel so proud to be an ambassador,  Source Energy Healing is such a relaxing, gentle therapy that can be distant and hands on. So important to take time for yourself, and if you feel you are stuck and can’t move forward Source Energy can help you remove those blockages and be more present. As well as he healing their are the guidance cards  that can help really help focus on the present and gain some clarity.

It was sheer joy to meet all the ambassador in France this summer, so grateful to Jillian Stott, the founder and the whole team, I become a practitioner at the beginning of the year, an an ambassador in the summer, I can’t wait to train others in this. Working with energy and helping people with anxiety and stress, allowing them to  free in their minds and bodies, is just such a privileged, I feel very honoured that I came into holistic healing after being made redundant, as they say every cloud!

Sending an abundance of ease and calm to fill you whole amazing self.