Woman Magazine article on WIRE Member

Posted: 8th July 2019

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By: Lisa Richards

Woman Magazine article on WIRE Member

Next week Woman Magazine will be running a story about my Mum & the memories I have of her which I told, to illustrate that I can not only speak about this without the painful memories I used to have whenever I thought of her, but also to promote the pyscho-educational process called the “Grief Recovery Method” that helped me to achieve this.

Indeed the Grief Recovery Method has very much changed my life very much for the better to the point where I have left my public sector job of 25 years to teach others how to recover from loss too as I know how difficult it can be to move forward. Whilst grief is a normal & natural process everyone goes through at some time in their lives, few of us are taught what to do when the worst happens, leaving us feeling stuck & isolated by painful feelings.

I hope that the article will not only inspire others to find out more & “trust” the Grief Recovery Method, but also it will help to spread the word about what this awesome programme can do if only you can find the courage to take that first step.

Lisa Richards Loss & Wellbeing Specialist